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At Australia Credit Repair, we do more than just fix your bad credit rating. Our expert financial consultants can help you with a range of solutions, including:

  • Credit Repair Services
  • Credit Restoration Services
  • Debt Resolution Services
  • Personal Insolvency Agreement
  • Bankruptcy
  • Debt Consolidation Services
  • Debt Settlement
  • Credit Negotiation
  • Mortgage Refinance Options
  • Much, Much More!

Are you applying for credit and being turned down?
Australia Credit Repair Can Help

Firstly, don’t worry… you are not alone! Around Australia every year millions of people just like you try to obtain Personal Loans, Car Loans, Home Mortgages, Credit Cards, Shopping Cards, even mobile phone plans and are unfortunately refused.

Every single day people are rejected on loan applications or any other type of credit request due to a “poor Credit Rating”. In most cases lenders will evaluate your credit file as a means of assessing your credit value when applying for a loan. This information that is stored about you is often the reason why banks, financial institutions and other creditors will decline your application for a loan.

If your current credit file displays any of the following issues, your credit rating is more than likely going to be unfavorably affected and will in in the majority of cases result in you being declined for credit loans

  • Failure To Enroll In The Electoral Roll
  • Court Judgements (Both Paid And Unpaid)
  • Minor Or Major Financial Defaults (Both Paid And Unpaid)
  • Previously Applied For Bankruptcy
  • Family Adverse Credit
  • Mortgage Arrears
  • Poor Payment History On Any Number Of Accounts (Currently Or Previously Held)
  • Unpaid Bills Or Tax
  • Multiple Address Links
  • Incorrect Information
  • Multiple Credit Searches
  • Out-Dated Information
  • Previous Repossessions

Let Australian Credit Repair Help You Today | Get Approved For Credit, Loans & Even Mortgages

The professional team of Credit Repair Specialists at Australian Credit Repair will provide a comprehensive Debt Relief and Credit Rating Restoration service that repairs your credit file allowing you to achieve a good credit rating and be approved for loans from a variety of lenders.

95% Guaranteed Success Rate

Australia Credit Repair has a proven track record. Our team is experienced, reliable and accredited by the relevant organizations. We remove almost all of our clients negative default listings.

Fastest Credit Repair
Service Guaranteed

Our expertise allows us to remove your credit listing in record time. We act efficiently and quickly to help you gain your financial freedom.

Remove Your Listing
in Confidence.

We understand that you have absolute right to privacy with regards to your credit file. All records are kept 100% confidential.

24/7 Support for
Our Valued Clients

We will attend to your needs urgently. Guaranteed contact within 2 hours. You can choose to call or email us.

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A BIG THANK YOU to the Australia Credit Repair Team! You guys managed to clear my bad credit listing in less than a month. My husband and i are very grateful and have recommended you to our friends! Once again, thank you for the assistance.

My home loan application was rejected by so multiple banks because I failed to pay one of my bills years ago. I almost gave up the dream of buying my first home. Thankfully I found Australiacreditrepair. The removal of my credit listing enabled me to obtain my mortgage almost immediately and at an affordable rate. I can't be more grateful.

Several years ago, I was facing severe financial hardship. No one could help me and I entered into multiple defaults. But thanks to Australiacreditrepair, im debt free now.