About Us

Australia Credit Repair is set up to help thousands of Australians who are disadvantaged by a poor credit record.

We understand that a default listing can arise out of a number of unfortunate circumstances such as loss of employment, relationship breakdowns, or any other financial difficulty.

We are here to help you start afresh. The good news is companies do not always act according to the law, listings are not always made correctly. We are here to protect your legal and privacy rights.

We believe that everyone should be entitled to gain access to credit and to obtain finance at the lowest rate possible. Why pay more today? No one should have to pay the price for a mistake that was not within their control.

Let us advocate on your behalf to obtain the best possible results for you.

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A BIG THANK YOU to the Australia Credit Repair Team! You guys managed to clear my bad credit listing in less than a month. My husband and i are very grateful and have recommended you to our friends! Once again, thank you for the assistance.

My home loan application was rejected by so multiple banks because I failed to pay one of my bills years ago. I almost gave up the dream of buying my first home. Thankfully I found Australiacreditrepair. The removal of my credit listing enabled me to obtain my mortgage almost immediately and at an affordable rate. I can't be more grateful.

Several years ago, I was facing severe financial hardship. No one could help me and I entered into multiple defaults. But thanks to Australiacreditrepair, im debt free now.