Credit Repair

How Does a Credit File Work?

A credit file includes information about who you are and your financial history. Your credit file is held by a Credit Reporting Agency and is the basis for assessing your credit rating. Your credit report will be one of the first things a prospective lender will look at when determining your ‘worthiness’ for a loan. Having a negative listing on your credit file will most likely result in your loan being declined.

What Can They See?

A personal credit report contains information including your name, residential address, employment history, date of birth and even a list of creditors who have previously viewed your report. Furthermore, any outstanding debts, late or delayed payments, defaults, court judgments, name changes, bankruptcies and much more will be featured on your credit report. Credit Reporting Agencies use this information to create and maintain your credit file

Why Did I Fail?

There can be a number of reasons why you may have been unsuccessful in your application for a loan, but in most cases it would be due to a “bad credit rating” A credit rating is assigned to your when you first apply for credit or a loan. This rating is an assessment of your ability to repay the credit or loan and is based on a variety of factors, including your previous financial history, outlined in your credit report.

How Does The Credit Repair Process Work?

Australia Credit Repair employ a highly trained team of financial consultants who understand what it takes to remove adverse listings from your credit file and increase your chances of getting a loan. Our Credit Repair Specialists will fix your bad credit rating by repairing the following items on your credit report:
  • Incorrect information, including accounts and payments that aren’t yours or require updating.
  • Past overdue accounts that were late, or sent to collections.
  • Maxed out bank accounts that exceed the credit limit.

Is The Credit Repair Process Worth It?

Credit repair is an extremely important process that can have you saving money on insurance, getting approved for loans and credit cards. An improved credit rating will allow you to own your own home with a successful mortgage application that would otherwise be impossible to achieve with a “bad credit rating” An improved credit rating can help you in your dreams of launching your own business too! Enjoying the security of knowing you can loan credit when you need, is another reason why you should repair your credit sooner rather than later.

Credit Repair Process | We have formulated the best credit restoration process in Australia! We remove black marks from your credit file

Our expert Credit Repair Specialists have developed the most effective credit repair solution in the market and will have you approved for loans in no time at all. Check out our unique credit restoration process below to see how Australia Credit Repair can improve your credit rating.

  1. No Obligation Consultation- We assess your current situation and financial history to understand the best approach for repairing your bad credit rating
  2. Research- Our in-depth investigation process allows us to gather all information regarding your financial history and develop the most effective credit repair strategy for your situation.
  3. Credit Repair Strategy- After determining that credit repair is the best way forward for you or your business we develop a unique credit restoration campaign and begin work straight away.
  4. Credit Agency Communication- Our credit report amendments are forwarded to the relevant credit providers, reporting agencies and applicable financial organisations.
  5. Follow Up- Our credit repair specialists continue to communication with the relevant agencies to ensure your negative listings are removed from your credit file ASAP.
  6. Response- The majority of our cases are closed at this stage following a successful response from the Credit Reporting Agency.
  7. Escalation- In some rare instances your Credit Repair Case may require further escalation to ensure a “bad credit rating” is removed.
  8. Review- Our expert financial consultants review all cases that require escalation and continue to engage with the relevant bodies to improve your credit rating.
  9. Independent Review & Legal Action- A tiny percentage of our clients require their case to be heard before an Independent Body or pursue legal action. If your credit repair claim requires further escalation we can assist you in taking the appropriate legal action.

Australia Credit Repair | Your Expert Team in the Financial Services Industry

Australia Credit Repair are the financial industry’s experts in providing professional Credit Restoration Services. We have helped thousands of clients across the country who were disadvantaged by bad credit ratings by removing negative listings on their credit file and achieving a good credit rating. Put Australia’s Best Credit Repair Company to the test today!

Feel free to submit an online form and one of our friendly consultants will be in touch with you shortly. Alternatively you can call us on 02 8006 0375 to speak with an expert about fixing your bad credit rating.

Why Repair Credit?

People who have a bad credit rating are disadvantaged when it comes to credit. Many people consider their disadvantage unfair as they are continuously declined for home loans, personal loans, car loans, credit cards and even phone contracts. However, even if you are somehow approved it is likely that you will be paying thousands of dollars extra in interest payments every year.

There are many reasons people choose to repair their credit. Some of these reasons include:

Benefits of Credit Repair – Cleaning up your Credit File can:

  • Improve the interest rate you are offered
  • Make the difference between an approval or a decline
  • Give you wider choice with lenders and financiers
  • Allow you to refinance at better terms
  • Regain control of your finances

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A BIG THANK YOU to the Australia Credit Repair Team! You guys managed to clear my bad credit listing in less than a month. My husband and i are very grateful and have recommended you to our friends! Once again, thank you for the assistance.

My home loan application was rejected by so multiple banks because I failed to pay one of my bills years ago. I almost gave up the dream of buying my first home. Thankfully I found Australiacreditrepair. The removal of my credit listing enabled me to obtain my mortgage almost immediately and at an affordable rate. I can't be more grateful.

Several years ago, I was facing severe financial hardship. No one could help me and I entered into multiple defaults. But thanks to Australiacreditrepair, im debt free now.