Credit Repair Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What Is A Credit Report?
    A credit report or credit file is a document that includes information about who you are and your previous financial history. Your credit report generally forms the basis of your credit rating, as well as assessing your worthiness for credit or a loan.
  2. What Information Is On My Credit File?
    Yes, in cases of fraud or identity theft, a credit repair company is one of the best lines of defense. They understand how to work with credit card companies to repair the issues caused by fraudulent accounts and charges. You should not have to live with a bad credit rating because of some fraudsters’ misuse of your identity.
  3. Who Has My Credit File?
    Your Credit File is held in the strictest confidence by a credit-reporting agency.
  4. When Was My Credit File Made?
    The very first time you applied for credit was likely the time your credit file was created. In any number of applications there are terms and conditions, which enable a lender to supply your information to a credit reporting agency. Your personal information is then used to create and maintain your credit file.
  5. How Does My Credit File Affect Me?
    Every time you apply for credit, a prospective lender will check your credit file in order to evaluate your ability to repay a loan. Any adverse listings or “black marks” on your credit file will generally result in your application for credit to be declined.
  6. What Is My Credit Rating?
    Your credit rating is a figure, which the majority of creditors or lenders use to establish whether or not they will approve you for a loan or line of credit. Your credit rating is influenced by a variety of factors, many of which are controllable, including the information on your credit file.
  7. What Is A Default?
    A default in the financial industry refers to an unpaid debt or overdue account that will count as a negative listing on your credit file and greatly impact your ability to apply for credit or loans.
  8. Why Should I Repair My Credit Rating?
    Improving your credit rating is extremely important as this is generally the reason why many people are not approved for loans or credit. Being approved for loans is just one advantage, you can also expect to save huge amounts of money by being approved for loans with lower interest rates.
  9. How Do I Fix My Bad Credit Rating?
    Your bad credit rating can be improved by having the negative listings or “black marks” removed from your credit file. The expert consultants at Australia Credit Repair are the specialists in improving credit ratings for everyday Australians just like you.
  10. How Did I Get A Bad Credit Rating?
    Your bad credit rating could be due to a number of factors, but generally “black marks” appearing on your credit file is the No.1 reason. These negative listings appear to an unpaid debt or unsettled account.
  11. How Do You Remove The Adverse Listing From My Credit File?
    Australia Credit Repair are the experts in removing “black marks” from credit files thanks to our proven credit restoration process that has been developed and improved over the past 10 successful years of operation.
  12. How Long Does It Take To Improve My Credit Rating?
    At Australia Credit Repair, we understand that every client that requires our financial services has an individual set of circumstances and objectives. We tailor make our unique solutions to your specific needs and promise to get your credit rating improved in the shortest amount of time possible.
  13. How Much Does Your Credit Repair Services Cost?
    The cost of your credit restoration campaign is dependent on a number of factors, including how bad your current credit rating is. Give us a call on 02 8006 0375 and we will be only too happy to provide a no-obligation, free assessment.
  14. What Are The Advantages Of Credit Repair?
    The most obvious advantages of a credit restoration service include; getting approved for loans or credit, reducing expensive interest rates and payment terms, reducing upfront and recurring fees, reducing overall repayments and saving hundreds, if not thousands of dollars every year!

If you have any further questions, queries or comments, please call us on 02 8006 0375. Alternatively submit our online form and one of Australia Credit Repair’s financial consultants will be in touch with you shortly.

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A BIG THANK YOU to the Australia Credit Repair Team! You guys managed to clear my bad credit listing in less than a month. My husband and i are very grateful and have recommended you to our friends! Once again, thank you for the assistance.

My home loan application was rejected by so multiple banks because I failed to pay one of my bills years ago. I almost gave up the dream of buying my first home. Thankfully I found Australiacreditrepair. The removal of my credit listing enabled me to obtain my mortgage almost immediately and at an affordable rate. I can't be more grateful.

Several years ago, I was facing severe financial hardship. No one could help me and I entered into multiple defaults. But thanks to Australiacreditrepair, im debt free now.