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We are experts in the field

AUSTRALIA CREDIT REPAIR has over ten years of credit repair experience. The team led by a qualified lawyer and accountant offers a personal and friendly professional service. Our staff are from the financial services and collection/recoveries industry which gives us a greater understanding of how bad credit files eventuate and what is required to remove adverse listings. We are fully conversant with all aspects of legislation and current legal requirements regarding credit repairand credit checks. Our positive client feedback is testament to the service we deliver.

We will work quickly and efficiently to repair your credit, keeping you updated at all times.

We will restore your credit as quickly as possible. Our fast-track documentation preparation and checking services – unique among credit restoration specialists – ensure that your restoration proceeds accurately and quickly.

We will liaise with you regularly to keep you informed of the progress of your credit repair.

We deliver a cost-effective, highly professional service.

Our services are cost-effective: we believe that charging excessive fees for credit restoration is wrong.

(In addition, we are the only credit restoration agent that does not require our professional fees to be paid up front…you pay our fees when the draft restoration order is issued to restore your company. That’s when the job is done, so it is in our interest to make things happen and get your company restored as fast as possible.)

We do not take on every job. The reason for this is quite simply- not every file can be repaired and we do not claim to assist where we cannot. Many of our fee structures mean we do not fully invoice our clients until works on your credit file and credit check are completed, therefore we must provide honest and accurate assessments/quotes for those with bad credit to ensure our business can continue.

We take full responsibility for your credit restoration.

We understand how troublesome and expensive it is to have a bad credit rating. We will work with you to reduce this worry, and will take full responsibility for ensuring your file is restored as quickly as possible.

We do all work in-house and do not subcontract out any part of the restoration/repair

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A BIG THANK YOU to the Australia Credit Repair Team! You guys managed to clear my bad credit listing in less than a month. My husband and i are very grateful and have recommended you to our friends! Once again, thank you for the assistance.

My home loan application was rejected by so multiple banks because I failed to pay one of my bills years ago. I almost gave up the dream of buying my first home. Thankfully I found Australiacreditrepair. The removal of my credit listing enabled me to obtain my mortgage almost immediately and at an affordable rate. I can't be more grateful.

Several years ago, I was facing severe financial hardship. No one could help me and I entered into multiple defaults. But thanks to Australiacreditrepair, im debt free now.